Painting the direct Portrait

now available!

Filmed at Casey's home studio during a workshop demonstration, this 192 minute HD video is packed full of useful tips and ideas for anyone wanting to improve their painting skills. Watch the painting develop from start to finish as Casey demonstrates his direct approach to portrait painting. Learn as he explains key concepts and ideas essential to his working method; such as blocking in, mixing color, fundamentals of every good painting, fixing errors and mistakes, and lots more…


Hi everyone,

I’m excited to announce the release of my brand new video on painting the portrait!

This video is unlike any painting video you've seen from me! Filmed in HD with multiple camera angles, you'll see every stroke I make from laying down a wash to finish touches. I'll help you understand how to take a complex subject, such as a portrait, and break it down into simple forms to create a convincing, life-like painting. I take you through my painting process explaining the decisions I'm making with text, illustrations, and voice over to clarify ideas and concepts. I'm really excited about this video and hope it will help make painting the portrait from life much easier!

I've worked hard to make this high quality video jam packed full of excellent content affordable to all. I'm happy to offer the digital copy (1080p HD, 3 hours and 12 minutes) for only $34.95 and the DVD (HD, 2 hours and 45 minutes) for $69.99. Digital copy included with DVD purchase.

Happy painting,


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